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2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but I wanted to reach out to our customers to let them know what we have accomplished in the past year to improve our system.  The annual financial statement will be posted to this website soon under the Resources tab.

In 2020, we produced 593,057,789 gallons of water which was a decrease in production by 2.5% over 2019.  A total of 5.4% was used in production for backwashing filters and flushing lines etc., 8.1% was estimated for loss due to leaks and 9.1% in unaccounted for loss which is less that the industry average of 15%.  Our sales increased by 6%.  The crews fixed 340 leaks due to aging pipes or contractors not requesting line locates before they dug.  We contribute the decrease in production due to locating major leaks and being repaired in a timely manner.  We appreciated everyone notifying us as soon as possible of leaks as they see them.

Some of the improvements we have added or in the process of completing are:

The new filters at the Oak Forest well are now completed.  Those customers receiving water from the Oak Forest well will start seeing improvement in the clarity of their water.

We have started the process for approval of adding additional storage at our Shiner Road Booster Station I.  The land has been secured at our existing Shiner Road booster station, the storage tank has been ordered and we are in hopes this project will be completed by June of this year.

In the near future we will starting paralleling our line on FM 532 with a larger diameter pipe to improve the capacity on County Road 488 and County Road 344.

The weather event starting February 11th created challenges for GCWSC and its customers.  A quote from John Steinbeck's 1937 Novella, 'the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"  and that it did.  As we prepared for the upcoming weather event, we did not anticipate the 108 hours of below freezing temperatures, rain, and snow.  The servicemen had 318 overtime hours because of the rolling brown outs and motors buring up causing loss of pressure.  We had to issue a boil water notice on February 17th.  We had great assistance from the Gonzales County Judge and Gonzales County Emergency Management Coordinator in getting the word out.  We extended the Boil Water Notice until February 24th as precautionary measures.  We truly appreciated the patience of our customers as we navigated this weather event.

Ever since Hurricane Harvey, our capital plans have included the placement of generators throughout the system.  The timing of the installation of the generators was being spread out over time so that we would not have to incur a substantial rate increase.  We were able to have some generators in place that did help keep some water flowing.  We just recently purchased a 300 kW generator that will be placed at the 794 well site.  The portable generator that is currently at the 794 well will be moved to the Oak Forest Well.  A Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery through Gonzales County has been in the process for over 18 month that will supply two (2) additional permanent generators.  They will be located at the Bebe and Saturn wells.  More generators are planned for later this year.

Our lobby is now open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The drive-up window will remain open until 5:00 p.m.  We ask that you continue to practice socail distancing and use of hand sanitizer.  Masks will not be required, but appreciated.

If you have any issue you feel needs to be addressed, please contact our General Manager, Barry Miller at 830-672-6509.